понедельник, 11 мая 2009 г.

I came home after my aerobic class. My husband was looking at photos in his album. I was so exhausted that I set on the floor when I entered. I told him that my new advansed exercise class is so hard for me because it is nonstop. He answered that aerobics is easy and he can exercise one hour in my class and not feel a thing. But I thought aerobic class is more difficult than lifting weights for an hour and I offered him to bet. "I win, and you cook dinner for the entire family and vice versa" I said. Then he called my instructor and said that he wanted to come to the class. Afterwards he reminded me about our bet and went away.But then I got to know that he only took photos of people exercising and we decided to go to the class together. After training he said that he had been wrong and he was really exhausted. But my instructor Jack said that my husband was in great shape. So I offered to cook dinner together.